For apps, email marketing provides the perfect opportunity to re-engage and nurture users. You can use emails to:

  • Introduce Your App. Email is a great way to give new users the low down on how to get setup, what features your app provides, and how they can make the most of what you have to offer. It’s your handy owner’s manual, in a streamlined style.

  • Engage With Current Users. Email can also be used to nurture and engage with customers who are already familiar with your app. You can gently guide users down the funnel towards a conversion, all while developing your relationship with them and establishing brand trust. For smart nurturing strategies, use the user data you’ve collected to personalize emails, letting past interactions and user interest influence the content of the emails.

  • Reactivate Infrequent App Users. Users who may have gone dark in your app can be re-ignited with a well-positioned email.

  • Provide Longer, Richer Content. Most communication conducted with users through mobile apps is quick and concise, since users are often on the go and are using small screens. Email allows you to enter into longer, more thorough dialogue with users. With email, you can use images, videos, and long-form text to tell a richer story and add a new dimension to your conversation with customers.

  • Reach Users Who Have Disabled Push Notifications. Studies have shown that 48% of app users opt out of push notifications. Email is a great way to get back in touch and re-engage with users who have opted out of push. 

We’ll talk more about specific ways you can use email to power app interactions with the templates below!