There is no denying the value of mobile app analytics when it comes to understanding how to keep your business top of mind. At Localytics we also know that the web is an important  touchpoint for your business, and the most successful digital businesses keep a close eye on their customers’ journeys - wherever they go - to fuel mobile engagement.

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The Localytics Web SDK works with Localytics’ mobile SDK to track user engagement so that you get a more complete view of your customer. Use Localytics for web to understand user behavioral patterns and drive mobile engagement.

To address the growing needs of web apps, we provide a mobile-first web analytics solution that gives your business granular, real-time insights.



The Localytics Web SDK captures data and helps you keep your finger on the pulse of digital engagement on both web and mobile. By leveraging robust web analytics in combination with mobile analytics you can track key events and user interactions, boost ROI, and refine your cross-channel marketing strategy.