So many times we have seen companies build their RFP strictly focused on their needs today. Knowing they will eventually want to evolve and become more sophisticated in their mobile strategy, they still leave out valuable questions to consider, and are at risk of selecting a provider that may “check the box” on today’s requirements, but lack in being “future proof” - leading their customers to go through this process again in the next 1-3 years. 

This often leads to marketers being tied down by the technology they have, and the inability to hire the additional staff needed to fill in the gaps that technology is lacking, resulting in either increased cost of ownership or dampening their ability to move their strategy to the next levels.

New questions we challenge you to ask in your review process are:

  • What is your vision for our account, and how will you execute against that vision as we move through the Crawl-Walk-Run phases of our relationship?
  • How will your platform bring the flexibility and scalability to achieve this vision, or will we need to modify our needs to meet your platform?
  • How will you help use prioritize our marketing programs in order to maximize customer lifetime value?

You need a partner to help guide you through the ever-changing waters of mobile marketing – hopefully, you find this document to be helpful in your efforts to you’re your mobile strategy to the next level!