If you haven’t noticed, the underlying message of our 2017 App Marketing Guide has been this idea of individualization. That’s because all signs in our 2016 data point to individualization being the antidote to the mobile engagement crisis. There’s a substantial difference in success rate for messages that take advantage of user segmentation and personalization versus those that don’t:

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since we have ourselves to thank for this shift in consumer expectation towards a personalized brand experience. After all, with the invention of apps came the ability to demand this level of personalization.

To Wrap It Up...

Apps have completely disrupted the world; and their respected industries. From Uber, to Stitch Fix, to RunKeeper, and Spotify; successful apps have proven their weight in gold and it’s all thanks to the individualized experience they provide. Because let’s face it, nobody likes being a face in the crowd. So if you’re looking to be successful in 2017;  it’s time to optimize your strategy to ensure individualization is at the core of everything you do.