In-app messages are not mobile ads. When used well, they are not spammy, invasive, or easily dismissed. And, most importantly, they should represent a valuable opportunity for the user to access something, instead of for more ad revenue for your partners. As we saw in this report, relevant or targeted in-app messages have a spectacularly high CTR, and can play a big role in keeping users engaged in your app. 

Because in-app messages appear during the user’s experience while they are interacting with your app, they represent the perfect opportunity to surface valuable information and options without building new features. Plus, because of the ability to trigger an in-app message on an event, they offer the chance to present the user with highly-relevant offers and content that save them money, offer rewards, and enhance that experience.

There’s also this additional benefit: many apps today don’t yet use in-app messaging, despite the success rates. It’s not an overused tactic that needs to be revamped. In fact, if app marketers approach this technique now with care and attention, we can prevent it from becoming a poorly-used tactic.