The final but most important part of any app acquisition campaign is user retention. You can acquire two million app users through your paid campaigns but if they all churn, it’s a failed (and costly) effort. That’s why in conjunction with your app acquisition campaign you need to be zeroed in on retention.

Push Your Way to Success

While app user retention can fluctuate, we know that using push notifications can improve app retention rates up to 56%. Put together a solid push notification strategy for users, keeping in mind to customize according to app interactions. Below are some pro tips on how to tailor push notifications based on the user:

  • Location: Knowing where a user lives gives you the ability to update them about happenings relative to them geographically, and at the right time. Since smartphones have gps, you can even go as far as triggering a push notification to a user when they enter a certain location:
  • Transactional:  If a user makes a purchase, send them relative push notifications about their order from receipts to delivery details:



  • Targeted Offers/Content: Send a relative push notifications to users based on items or content they’ve previously looked at or converted on.


Spend Money (and Time) Wisely

Marketing your app can get very pricey, so make sure you’re getting the best ROI for your dollars. Tap into your referral data to understand where both your paid and organic campaigns are paying off. But don’t stop there. Dig deeper and analyze what the LTV of these users is based on retention and churn. Is a paid campaign driving a ton of new installs who mostly end up churning? If so, take a look at your app’s functionality and optimize accordingly. In addition, make sure you have the right marketing strategy in place and are attracting the right users. Your dollars should not only be driving in new users, but qualified ones who will engage with your app longterm, so invest in the campaigns that are working best and ditch the rest.

Don’t Forget to Remarket

If you’ve ever viewed a product online only to find it following you around afterwards as you peruse other sites and social channels, you’ve already encountered remarketing. Remarketing is targeting consumers outside of the app based on how they’ve previously interacted with your brand. The goal of remarketing is to bring them back into your app. It takes place across multiple channels, from social media to blogs. And it’s becoming more and more essential to have as part of your app marketing strategy.


Consider this: Over 50% of app users opt-out of push messaging, and 75% churn within the first 90 days. If you want a chance at combating these staggering numbers, you need to play in your audience’s space, and remind them about your app via remarketing.