Send app users an email notifying them about a cool new feature available in your app or big version updates.

Purpose: Update users about new features (and get them back in your app to try them out). New feature emails show users that you’re continuously working to improve your app and deliver the best experience to your app advocates.


  • Split the Check. A restaurant reservation app could announce to users a new feature that lets them split the check between friends.

  • Leaderboard. A gaming app might notify users about a leaderboard feature that lets friends compare their progress against one another.



Cash checks remotely, now available in BetterBank

You asked, and we listened! Today we’re happy to announce that you can now cash checks using your smartphone within the BetterBank app.

Just hit the “Cash Checks” button, snap a photo of your check, and we’ll cash it right to your account – talk about easy!