Apps are like dates: first impressions are everything. If it’s not clear what your user needs to do to find that one playlist that’s going to rescue their house party, they’ll likely close your app. (And they may not open it again.)

Use onboarding to new users get acquainted with your app.

Help new users find their way around your app with a series of in-app messages that they’ll see as soon as they log in for the first time. Show off what makes your app great: Key functionality and benefits, cool features, etc. By the end of the introduction, users should be clear on how to use your app to complete basic tasks like stream a video or find a relevant playlist.


Kim Kardashian’s app has an unusual UI and uses symbols. Onboarding helps preemptively avoid any user confusion.

PRO TIP: End your onboarding process with a CTA helps users dive into your app. Kim Kardashian’s users might be most interested in behind-the-scenes photos, so she’ll tease that content first. This helps set them up for success while moving them through the funnel.