First of all, congratulations for making it to the end of this eBook. But we really couldn’t make it any shorter, and that speaks to how much opportunity is out there for The Hyatt. Your users (and potential users) are looking to mobile more and more to fill their needs. Remember the stat we referenced in the beginning? 42% of all travelers look to mobile to plan travel. So it’s crucial for you to take advantage of everything mobile marketing can do for your bottom line.

With that in mind, here are a few questions to reflect upon as you think about your mobile strategy for 2017:

1. Geofence. What if Hyatt geo-fenced airports with Localytics? You could send a push notification welcoming guests to the city upon their arrival,  surfacing useful booking info, sharing restaurant recommendations , notifying guests if their room is ready early, and more. Essentially, you'd be able to create a unique experience with your guest as soon as they arrive town.

2. Remarketing. What if guests who didn’t complete a booking received friendly push reminders to finish booking a room before prices went up? Re-engagement 

3. Re-engagement. What if Hyatt could notify guests of destination hotel deals based on their point balance? (i.e. you have 75k points, that’s enough for this free stay in Bali!)

4. Cross-channel experience. What if a guests bill was waiting for them in the app inbox so that they could quickly screen shot it for expense reporting?

When you tailor your marketing campaigns to your users, you’re creating the kind of experience they want--the kind that results in loyal users. It’s not always easy, but it does pay off. Make sure smart targeting and thoughtful user experience inform all your mobile marketing, and you’ll see the success you’re looking for.