Before we can dig into formulating your perfect push notification, we need to cover a bit of history on the subject. Push notifications were launched into the world by Apple in 2009, as part of their iOS3 update in June called, "Apple Push Notification Service". Since then, they've become a widely adopted form of engaging with users outside of the app. According to our data, about 52% of users have push enabled on their mobile devices, and that group of users account for 171% more app launches than other users.

However, despite their growing success, push notifications have gotten a bad rep. Between perceived notions of limited design and content options and the nature of interrupting (or irritating) app users, this marketing tactic has been cast in a poor light, and over 50% of app users still find push notifications annoying.

We can fix this. By tapping into your user insights, you can create messages that users want to receive. In this guide, we'll cover the four essential elements you need to create powerful push notifications and how to "cook" them to perfection, plus four sample "recipes" of great campaigns.