In 2015, we sought to better understand the increasing importance of apps in customers’ worlds. Apps had become the primary way the we consume information - at home, on-the-go, and everywhere. Mobile had to be part of your overall business strategy, as there was no avoiding the need to meet user expectations.

In 2016, we want to think beyond that and consider how apps are changing the face of consumer communication. Apps offer the ability to reach and engage users no matter where they are, and on their terms. Because of this, they reflect the new way that customers demand to interact. Not only that, but they offer almost unprecedented access to behavior and attribute data about your customers that you can use across your channels to create more relevant and valuable experiences. 

The data in this report reflects mobile user trends, the fluctuations in app retention, and the promising response to app marketing, which all showcase new insights into app consumers and how they seek to interact with brands. We dive into the details of how users utilize apps, what the best marketing tactics are, and what the future holds for mobile.