We know targeted emails, remarketing campaigns, and geo-push notifications work well because they give users an experience that’s relevant to them: the actions they’ve taken, what they’re interested in. And they want to be able to have a consistent experience every time, on every device.

That’s what omni-channel does. You create an aligned experience for your users across every user touch-point.

Omni-channel marketing provides a continuous user experience across all channels customers use to access your brand: from your apps and website, to ads and real-world touch-points like your in-store experience. The idea is that we know users frequently hop between channels while interacting with a brand, and we can better serve them by letting them pick up where they left off. From a data standpoint, that means items in their carts are saved. From a content standpoint, messaging is consistent, complementary, and uninterrupted across channels.

And while we’ll admit that we’re especially interested in how omni-channel works on mobile, it’s just one (critical!) part of your user’s overall experience.