If the mobile app world had a homecoming queen, we’d probably nominate travel apps. (Stay with us.) They’re so popular that they experience the lowest percentage of the 3-month churn that plagues other types of apps. And according to TripAdvisor, 42% of users worldwide use mobile devices to plan and book their trips. There’s plenty of potential users out there--and plenty of apps competing to get their attention. Without the kind of personalized experience users have come to expect, it’s easy for travelers to default to the online travel agent apps that have saturated app stores.

Here’s the really good news: your app marketing can create the kind of targeted experience your users want--the kind that results in long-term, loyal users.  We're going to cover which mobile marketing campaigns benefit travel apps like yours the most, and how to get started.  

But first? To guide your thinking throughout this eBook, we wanted to kick things off on a more personal level. Our team did a quick assessment of Hyatt's app, and here are our key findings:

The Good:

  1. Hyatt's app has a beautiful UI
  2. Your app user experience is strong - it's very easy to navigate around and complete tasks within the app such as booking a room or checking in
  3. You realize the importance of integrations - Being integrated with Apple Wallet, Google accounts, and Facebook for business means you're offering users a more seamless, connected experience

Where You Could Improve:

    1. Gradual permission requests: Currently, you are requesting all your permissions from users up front. This can feel jarring to a new user and as a result, they may opt-out. Consider tying in opt-in requests to a rich on-boarding experience that clearly outlines the benefit to opting in to the user. In addition, don't request all permissions out of the gate. Wait for a user to engage and familiarize themselves with your app a few times and then request. 

Want more information about permission requests? Check out our "Permission To Push" blog

2. Taking advantage of geofences: Currently, Hyatt's app uses standard GPS. Have you considered using geofences? Geofences allows you to personalize the user experience to their current location and create a real-time in-app experience for them.

Want more information about geofence capabilities? Check out our Product page on Places.

3. Cross-channel marketing experience: When we went through booking a hotel on Hyatt's apps, we didn’t receive a confirmation email. Perhaps something is up with the cross platform data syncing? Having a cross-channel marketing experience is key to creating a seamless experience for your guests. 

4. Re-engagement strategy: When our team started a booking but didn't finish, we never received a reminder push notification to complete the booking. Creating a solid re-engagement strategy will help you drive conversion and user retention.