Geo-push is really starting to pick up steam in mobile marketing world. Geo-push messages are push notifications, but are sent in real-time when a user approaches or leaves a specific location (like an airport). It’s one of the most user-relevant messages you can send. But with great power, comes great responsibility. The best way to ensure you get geo-push right is to send highly relevant messages to a select group of users.

Geofencing airports, hotels, and similar spaces means you can send users relevant booking and registration information when they arrive. Virgin Airways sent my boarding pass for a recent flight as soon as I arrived in Logan. With everything else on my mind (did I forget my ID?), I was relieved to have one of the things I needed most ready to go.

SEND HANDY IDEAS & TIPS. TripAdvisor uses geofencing to send helpful content. Walking through the area near our own Localytics office triggered a list of well-reviewed restaurant suggestions.