App inboxes are like an email inbox inside your app. They are incredibly useful for several reasons. For starters, they are a far less intrusive messaging channel than push notifications or in-app messages, so you don’t have to worry about annoying a shopper with a poorly timed message. Additionally, unlike push or in-app, inbox messages don’t disappear once a user has viewed them. This allows users to revisit a message multiple times. A third benefit of inbox messages is that they are scrollable, so you can fit much more content in an inbox message than you possibly could with push or in-app. Retail marketers can take advantage of app inboxes in the following ways:

ON-GOING PROMOTION: While in-app and push notifications are great for one-day sales, inboxes messages are the better option for promotions that have longer time frames. Shoppers can go back to the promotional message in their inbox for details, and you aren’t forced to send spammy push or in-app reminders about the sale.

PRO TIP: Since inboxes are perceived as highly personal, make sure your messages are personal. Avoid sending broadcast inbox messages. Rather, target groups of users based on their preferences and historical in-app behavior.

LONG FORM CONTENT:  Want to get a message across to shoppers that’s more than a few words? Cue the app inbox, which allows you to send scrollable, media rich content. This makes an inbox message the perfect way to send content like blog posts or weekly fashion tips.  Take advantage of the inbox to strengthen your relationship by engaging with users on their terms.

PRO TIP: Since imagery is rather limited throughout other messaging channels, take advantage of your ability to send image-rich content to users.