Individualized in-app messages drove higher engagement and retention in 2016

While push notifications are unsurprisingly viewed as the darling of app marketing, in-app messages should not be overlooked. During 2016, our data showed that apps who took advantage of in-app messaging saw on average a 21% increase in monthly app launches over apps that didn’t:

As for retention, in-app messages drove higher rates here too with 23% of users returning to the app after 90 days:

There are 2 ways to trigger an in-app message: off the start of a new session (app launch) or off of an action a user takes within the app (app event). Our data found that the click-through rate for an in-app message triggered by an event was almost 2x higher than those triggered by an app launch:

How can you take individualized app messaging one step further? Through user segmentation. This means that your in-app messages are segmented based on relevant audience information, and then triggered off of an action. For example:

A user searches for her favorite artist in a music app and an in-app message is triggered with the message:


This type of user-specific messaging based on profile attributes has proven wildly successful, increasing app launches by 11% and yielding 3x greater click-through rates in 24 hours than their counterparts. And while app engagement varies across different vertical industries, this individualized approach to in-app messaging still managed to fare well across the board:

As we move into 2017, this notion of individualized messaging will become even more important for app user engagement and retention.