Written by: Annum Munir


Guiding the Aimless Explorer: Why Apps Need In-App Messaging and Why Push Isn’t Enough


Push notifications are a lifeline from your app to your latent users; they’re designed to motivate people to return to your app. But once a user hops back on your app’s bandwagon, push has no more power to communicate with these users or, to influence their behavior. Push messaging has long been the darling of mobile.


After all, push notifications help today’s app makers and marketers tackle a big challenge: capturing someone’s attention in an era in which goldfish – yes, goldfish – are more attentive than your average user and distraction is just a glance up – or a button’s touch – away. 

That’s why in-app messages are absolutely essential, they are the only way you can nurture and engage your active app users.

Think of it like this: Push messages are the gatekeepers, the ushers, and the greeters that warmly welcome you to a store you haven’t visited in a while. Once inside, in-app messages are like the department signs, the clear pathways, and the floor personnel that help you find what you need efficiently. Without the in-store sales associate, the casual window shopper may just get lost in a labyrinth of merchandise (i.e. app features), never make a purchase, and never build a solid connection to your brand - which is why apps with in-app messages get 2-3.5x more loyal users!

Push messages indeed help you regain attention. But in-app messages help you direct that attention into meaningful action.