Total app revenue is rapidly increasing, with 92% of all revenue coming from in-app purchases. An integrated approach to app marketing is the difference between measuring your app and growing your app. 

But the Grow stage isn’t just about growing your app user base or growing your business; it’s also about growing your relationship with your users, and ensuring that their experience is providing everything they need. 

What should be happening? Creating a better, more personal experience for your users will result in increased purchases, or, if not purchase, conversion events that are crucial to your app success. Improving conversions is key to growing, but preventing churn is just as important - growth can only be accomplished when there is engagement, otherwise churn is high and conversions unlikely. In the Grow stage, you can:

  • Create campaigns specific to funnel drop-offs that bring users back to a desired set of steps
  • Personalize your messages with custom creative that speaks to your users
  • Use deep links to guide users to the right place in your app
  • Trigger instant notifications after a specific action or series of actions
  • Automate special offers and incentives to help nudge users to complete conversion events
  • Track the lifetime value of your users to understand how well you are growing your relationships with them
  • Measure the impact of every marketing campaign on revenue, such as Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), and churn to understand which marketing efforts are actually influencing growth and not resulting in lost users