A Helpful Guide to Building a Great Mobile Marketing RFP



Selecting the right long-term mobile marketing partner can be a hugely daunting task. While some industries, such as media and entertainment, are leading the way in which mobile can help create valuable relationships that drive lifetime value and engagement, many industries like retail and eCommerce are just now beginning to redefine their mobile strategy, and are overwhelmed by the myriad of point solutions in the market.

What’s worse: today there are too many point-solution marketing tools that together create disparate marketing systems – ones built on a lack of integrated data and an inability to run meaningful campaigns. It’s critical to find a tool that can support the full lifecycle of the mobile user, a challenge that digital marketers face now as they attempt to evolve their strategy leveraging so many disparate systems. 

After spending just one week trying to sort through the different solutions available, it can be incredibly confusing as a digital marketer, making it more important than ever to cut through this clutter and identify what truly differentiates one vendor from another in their ability to deliver long-term success to your organization and value to your customers.

Choose a platform that will simplify how marketers can understand and connect with your consumers in a more personalized and valuable way.