1. The Transactional Push

Transaction push messages are real-time, highly-personalized alerts pertaining to specific action a user completed in the app. Ever ordered a pizza using an app? The alert push notification you receive that updates the delivery time and order progress is transactional - it's specific to your order and timely.

Winning recipe: Say you've been perusing your credit card statement trying to understand how in the world you managed to spend an exorbitant amount on take-out last month. After leaving the app in the hurry to forget about it, Capital One sends you a friendly transactional push notification alerting you that they'll end the session for you:

Essential Ingredients: timeliness (immediate), relevance, personalization


2. The Mobile-Only Discount (Typical To Retail)

If you sell products via your app, chances are one of the primary reasons users download it is to access exclusive offers and discounts. This expectation is one reason deal-based language prompts such high click-throughs. Users who enable push do so because they're expecting value, and there's no better (or easier) way to deliver than that by providing offers just for them. 

Winning recipe: Shopbop wants to target active users in the past 30 days who made a purchase and then did not have a session with a re-engagement campaign. They  may decide to reward loyal customers with a special offer that will also work to bring them back to the app:

Essential ingredients: language, urgency, wording.


3. The "New For You" Notification

By now we know that relevancy is key, and using data to inform campaigns is the best way to ensure success. Music apps, for example, can create highly-personalized campaigns based on user favorites, playlists or saved artists. Understanding your users' interests gives you a strong platform for running campaigns introducing them to new content that will get them back in the app. 

Winning recipe: Music app iHeartRadio often looks for ways to get users to spend even more time in-app, and engage with more features, like playlist creation or sending music to friends. One way is to utilize push campaigns to send users notifications of music they would like based on their interests, new albums available from their favorite artists, or playlists they might enjoy.

Essential Ingredients: day of the week, timing, segmentation.


4. The Upgrade To Save

Free-to-download apps offer users a variety of ways to interact with content, features or activities. But when it comes to games with premium features or news services that require subscriptions for unlimited access, the ideal conversion event is clear: get users to upgrade to paying customers.

Winning Recipe: Spotify wants to notify users about their newest premium offer, Premium for Family. They want to target paid users who are daily or heavy listeners with their newest subscription offer:


Essential Ingredients: segmentation, relevant offer.