In 2015, Time in App Increased by 11%

People are spending more time in apps. Period. 

That’s great news! It means apps as a medium, an experience and a way of creating relationships have been validated. In 2015, the average time in app increased by 11%, and the number of app launches increased from 11.5 to 13.3. This means that, generally, people are interacting with apps more frequently and spending more time in apps.


In fact, the amount of time people spent in apps on a monthly basis shot up.  


We also saw the average session length increase slightly from 5.7 minutes in 2014 to 6.02 minutes in 2015, meaning actual sessions within a given app are getting longer. This is a good sign considering the shrinking attention spans of users and the rise of "snacking" behavior. One theory is that the increased use of marketing tactics like push messages are leading to longer session lengths and higher engagement in-app (more on that, later!).