App marketers have a huge advantage when it comes to email. With access to extensive user data, app marketers can create sophisticated cross-channel email campaigns that are the envy of other marketers.

Email marketing is powerful but must be done delicately, as users are inundated with dozens (sometimes hundreds) of emails a day, with your email competing right alongside the rest of them.

How do you stand out from the crowd? By speaking to your users’ unique interests and using their past behavior to influence your marketing strategy.

Of course appealing individually to each of your users is easier said than done. However, apps have a major advantage. 

By tracking and collecting app user data, marketers can craft ultra-relevant, targeted emails that connect to individual user needs. 

This goes way beyond simply using a customers’ name in an email. App user data allows marketers to create targeted, smart email campaigns, taking into account information such as a user’s:

•    Most read article topics
•    Recent purchases
•    Average session length
•    Recently viewed screens & history
•    Gaming levels completed
•    Favorite exercise activity

The data you collect will depend on the purpose of your app, but the main point is that your app data should influence your email strategy and allow you to create extremely personalized, relevant emails (not the broadcasted spam you see flooding many inboxes).