Today, investing in mobile is at the top of the list for many enterprise brands; and it should be. Mobile apps have proven their weight in gold. In 2016, we spent an incredible 900 billion hours using apps across the globe, up 20% from 2015. And while the majority of enterprise companies have been slow to prioritize mobile; the success being enjoyed by early adopters is undisputable:

There’s no denying that mobile is increasingly the first-screen preference. But with that preference comes high expectations from users. It’s not enough to simply have an app. Your app needs to deliver a world-class experience mobile users now expect in the form of personalization and cross-channel capabilities.

How do you deliver on this tall order?

In order to deliver a personalized app experience, you need a mobile marketing platform that makes it easy to use data from multiple sources to build meaningful insights on every user.


But what if I just want to send a few push notifications?

We can’t tell you how many marketers we’ve heard tell us, “Personalization is great, but right now I just want to send a push.” And while this is a great place to start, don’t let short-term goals hinder long-term success. You need to make sure you invest in a platform that is flexible enough to grow with your organization’s needs. The fact of the matter is, users are going to continue to demand a personalized app experience. If you don’t chose a platform that allows you to grow and eventually deliver on these expectations, you’ll find yourself having to go through the vendor selection process all over again in a year.

Below is an example of how you can grow your push notification strategy over time with the right mobile marketing platform: 

         CRAWL                        WALK                            RUN

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How do you find the right Mobile Marketing Platform?

Finding the right mobile marketing platform requires research, but there are certain universal needs marketers should make sure they address. In this guide, we outline what mobile marketing means today, and the “must-haves” to look out for in choosing a mobile marketing vendor. Plus, we’ve included a bonus checklist for you to have on-hand as you research potential solutions!