According to Ad Age, 75% of all content consumption will happen via mobile by the end of 2017. And while many companies have started investing in mobile apps, they’ve given less thought to their strategy and execution. Treating mobile marketing campaigns as a one-off promotion is a surefire way to fail.

But since mobile is just one channel, it’s important to think of it in the context of your business plan. Do your mobile users browse in-app before making purchases in-store? How many of your users are engaged enough that they would use a mobile coupon? Essentially: how are your mobile users acting within and participating as a part of your overall marketing and sales funnels?

Knowing this will help you create a more valuable app and a stronger marketing channel for your brand, and having the right mobile platform as part of your marketing ecosystem is key to pulling this off. Choose the solution that best fits your needs as an organization.


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