80% of users churn by 90 days

While we found new and creative ways to combat app churn in 2016, it’s clear from the data that we still have a long way to go. Part of this is due to the fact that these new individualization tactics have not yet been widely adopted by app marketers. But a larger part is due to the fact that many apps haven’t put enough emphasis on their mobile engagement strategy.

app churn risk.png

Losing 80% of your app users is pretty scary stuff. Especially when you think of all the money you spend trying to acquire them. Once they’ve churned, it’s very difficult to get them re-engaged. But the fact that apps are losing more users should come as little surprise to those of us in the app marketing world, as a small percentage of apps continues to dominate a majority of the time spent in apps.

If you get a bit more granular with the data and break it out based on industry, you see Media & Travel apps have stronger retention than the rest:

Media apps are the clear frontrunner in terms of app retention, with 40% of their users returning to the app after one month. So what can other app verticals learn from this? That the shift towards mobile-first content consumption has forced media and entertainment apps to put a strong emphasis on ensuring their app functionality and experience is captivating, and as a result, they performed better than other verticals.