With these email templates as a guide, you should be able to craft a series of powerful auto-responder emails that will help nurture your users and build engagement.

Email is a core component of strong app marketing - studies have shown that 69% of shoppers are influenced to make a purchase on a mobile device by company emails. Email isn't optional for apps, it's essential!

Email allows you to engage with new and current users, provide rich content like images, video, and longer form content, and reach users who have gone dark in your app or disabled push notifications. 

We’ve gotten you started with these app email marketing templates, but you’ll likely think of countless more that connect directly with your app’s core value. Having tailored emails that speak to users at their individual point within the app lifecycle will help turn apathetic users into fans, and existing fans into devotees.

Use emails like these to strengthen your relationship with users and take your app to the next level!