Let users know they’ve reached a personal goal or hit a new benchmark.

Purpose: Get users excited about their progress and encourage them to continue. Goal emails show users that you’re rooting for them and are psyched to celebrate their successes! These emails hold users accountable to their goals, all while fostering your relationship with customers and encouraging them to think fondly of you. Show users that you’ve got their back and are their #1 cheerleader.


  • Gamification Badges. A restaurant check-in app could use gamification badges awarded to users for checking in at certain locations. Email users about their new badges to get them excited! For example, checking in to three new restaurants in one week could earn users the Brave Adventurer badge.

  • Fitness Progress. Use achievements and progress updates to help fitness users meet their workout goals.

  • Finance Apps Show Savings. Apps focused on helping users budget and save their money can notify users when they’ve hit their monthly budgets or congratulate them on staying under. Commemorating good activity encourages users to keep saving!

  • Course Videos Watched. For users taking an online class, emails congratulating a user on each new video lecture watched could encourage more class participation and improve chances of course completion.



Congratulations, you did it!

Congratulations Frank, we’re so proud of you! You beat your personal record today by running three miles in 27 minutes, with a 9-minute mile.

You’re improving a ton – keep up the great work!