Reaching your users on mobile is a major part of your omni-channel strategy. Don’t think of it as another device to market with--think of it as another way to connect with your customers and users. And the data’s in favor:

Brands that use omni-channel tactics in their marketing saw a 91% increase in year-over-year retention rates.

Connecting with your users on multiple channels, when and how they want, is a powerful way to increase customer/user retention. The first step to doing so? Reaching them on the channels where you want to connect. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each have over hundreds of millions of users.

Remarketing is a tactic used to drive existing users back to your app by advertising to them outside of it, most often through push notifications or paid ads. The most effective remarketing efforts are segmented, both by actions a user previously took within your app and also by their current position in the app user lifecycle.

Below are some highly effective ways to remarket to users:

PUSH NOTIFICATION OR DIGITAL AD TO LAPSED USERS: Does your team currently define a ‘lapsed user’? If not, they should. And while what lapsed means varies from app to app, based on our retention data, we’d be concerned if a user hasn’t opened your app in over 30 days.

Remarket to these users by serving up an engaging push notification that drives them to open the app or show them a compelling ad on Facebook that highlights an item they’ve viewed before to entice them to come back to your app.


Revolve combines an image of the boot a consumer has viewed several times with an effective message and easy 'Shop Now' CTA to drive them to purchase. Converse, on the other hand, showcases some of their great products in the carousel Facebook ad along with a compelling offer (free shipping) to pique consumer interest:

INCENTIVIZED RETARGETING: Retargeting is a great way to entice app users who show interest in a particular product but have not completed a purchase. Identify users who have viewed a product on a number of occasions and incentivize them to buy the product by offering a special promotion such as free shipping or a 20% discount.

When preparing for a sale, marketers can identify users that repeatedly viewed certain products while they were displayed at full price on the retailer’s app or website and retarget them with a relevant advertisement promoting the sale. App users are likely to convert when they receive relevant, highly personalized advertisements from retailers. One study showed that adding social to your retargeting strategy can increase conversions up to 73%.


Macy's & Just Fab both looked at their customer data to send retargeting ads to users who had recently viewed these products, and combined it with a sense of urgency (sale):