Predictive messages can be sent to users who are expected to potentially churn (or convert) in the near future. This practice of predictive marketing involves using app user data to predict certain actions, and then using that data to encourage desirable actions or deter negative actions. Predictive marketing makes you clairvoyant, allowing you to see into the future and then change it (all without a DeLorean or blue Police Box).

For example, maybe your data shows a trend that users who do not provide location information are more likely to churn. You could then use that predictive data to send an email to users with missing location data, reminding them to log in and update their location preferences.

With predictive marketing, app marketers can create tailored incentives to either push users closer to a conversion, or help steer them away from churning.

 Note: Predictive analytics data is required in order to craft predictive email campaigns.

Purpose: Re-engage users who have the potential to churn or encourage a conversion for users with a low-churn risk.


  • Upload Photos. Some social apps have found that encouraging users to complete certain actions makes them less likely to churn.  For example, a social photo-sharing app might see from their data that users who upload at least three photos are less likely to churn. In this case, the app might prompt users to sync photos from their internal camera gallery or Facebook to help prevent churn.

  • X% Off First In-App Purchase. Apps might consider offering an incentive to users who appear unlikely to convert naturally. A coupon or discount could be just the thing to turn a non-converter into a power user!

  • Relevant Recommendations. When dealing with users who seem very likely to convert, try sending them relevant recommendations related to products they’ve already shown interest in. An events app might suggest tickets to see a band that a user has shown interest in, or bands with a similar style.

In addition, our previous two email templates would also serve as great predictive emails for users marked as likely to convert.



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