These are emails using past user behavior to suggest new products to users.

Utilize data on what categories users have engaged with in the past, what items they’ve starred, and what content they’ve shared to influence future suggestions.

Purpose: Introduce users to new products based on items they’ve already purchased or viewed. Suggest the right items or content, and you’ll delight your users.


  • Content App. Which article topics does a user engage with the most? If a user has read several content pieces about animals and has shared a post detailing a study on how dogs interact with their owners, you can assume that she has a pet (or wants one) and will likely enjoy more stories about animals.

  • Travel App. A travel app could suggest restaurants or tours to a user who has used the app to check in to a hotel in a new city. On a wider scope, a travel app might suggest similar cities to destinations a user has already visited and shown interest in.

  • eCommerce App. What products has a user purchased or starred in the past? Suggesting similar items could result in additional conversions.

  • Local Check-In App. What restaurants or stores has a user checked in from in the past? Suggest similar stores to pique a user’s interest.



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