The Confirm a Transaction email is an email sent following a recent transaction, with an order confirmation, transaction summary, and any applicable tracking info.

Purpose: These emails confirm an order and give users any information they may need for their order. Transactional confirmation emails also build trust between you and an app user, showing that you care about giving users the information they need so they can rest easy regarding their order.


  • Food Delivery. Let users know when their food will be arriving, how long their wait will be, and give them a recap of their order information.

  • Flight Booking. Confirm a user’s flight booking and provide a trip itinerary.

  • Payment Summary. Mobile payment apps might provide a list of transactions performed in the past month (you could also show how much users have saved or what credits they’ve spent).

  • eCommerce Order Confirmation. Provide order confirmation, shipping info, and any helpful links buyers might need if they have questions about their order.



Your food is cooking!

Your order has been processed and your food will soon get cooking! 

Sit back and relax – we’ll let you know when your delivery is on its way.