A nurture email sent out to users who have left an item in their cart or forgot to follow through with their purchase.

Purpose: Remind users of a product they started to show interest in but did not order, with the end goal of getting the user to make a purchase.


  • You Left An Item In Your Cart. Remind users that during their last visit, they left an item in their cart without purchasing it. They may have gotten distracted or had a moment’s hesitation. Now’s your chance to get them back into your app to finish the buy!

  • An Item On your Wishlist is On Sale. This variation of the Item In Cart email notifies users that an item they have on their wishlist (or have favorited in some other way) is currently on sale. This extra incentive can often push users to make a purchase.



Act quickly – an item on your wishlist is currently on sale!

We’ve got great news for you! An item on your wishlist just recently went on sale. We suggest nabbing it now before the discount ends at midnight tonight.