An email encouraging users to upgrade from the free version of your app, to the paid version.

Purpose: Getting more paying users is a huge goal for many apps. You’ll want to tread carefully here though – ask for users to upgrade too early and they’ll quickly dismiss you. Instead, make use of targeting options to send upgrade emails to only the most likely candidates.

For example, if you’re a content app, you might wait until a user has read 10 articles within your app. By then they have a good feel for your app and understand its value. Now you can push them to a paid subscription, highlighting benefits like no ads, cross-device functionality, etc.


  • Free Game to Paid. Many gaming apps come with a free and paid version, with the paid version containing no ads (plus extra character skins or bonus levels). Remind users who may be irritated with ads that they can buy the paid, ad-free version of the game.

  • Pro Version With More Features. Some apps offer a basic freemium version, along with a more robust paid app with tons of additional features. Highlight features that a user may find useful in order to encourage them to upgrade to paid. For example, if a user loves sharing experiences and struggles in your weight loss app’s message board area, remind them that the paid version of your app provides one on one coaching.



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