A special email to users who haven’t visited your app in a long time (or maybe never visited at all) showing them why they should return and providing examples of the action they’ve missed out on.

Purpose: This retention-focused email reminds users of your app’s existence. Make sure to emphasize your app’s value and try capitalizing on what users may have missed while they were away.


  • What You Missed. An event-based app could show users the fun events and activities they missed out on, while introducing users to upcoming events they’ll likely enjoy.

  • Reinforce Benefits. Remind users of the benefits your app provides, emphasizing value (and any new impressive features).

  • Provide Return Incentive. Give users an extra reason to return to your app – maybe in the form of a discount coupon or a free month of your premium membership.



We haven’t seen you in a while – you’ve been missing out!

We haven’t seen you in a while and are worried that you’re missing out on some awesome events.

  • Last Week: Happy Hour at the Aquarium With Penguins

Don’t worry though – there’s tons of fun upcoming events you can attend!

  • November 18th: Kayak Down Merrimack River + BBQ Lunch

Don’t miss out – sign up for an event today and get 20% off admission/tickets!