Session Tracking

Monitor visitor trends using session tracking to understand when users are visiting your site. With session intervals you can easily identify the length of time users spend between visits. You can also set custom timeout intervals and configure session tracking to highlight the user habits of your website.


Event Management

Understand your users by defining key visitor events and event attributes. Track revenue generating actions of your website so you can inspire desired actions and uncover what drives revenue.




Custom Attributes and Events

Set unlimited custom events and attributes to give better insight into the type of users that are active on your website. For example, by defining a ‘Category Clicked’ as a custom event you can also define the follow-up actions that can be taken by the user. Tailor-made tagging helps you monitor the most important actions in your app and build a deeper relationship with the user. 


User Agent Tracking (inc. browser & OS)

Identify the channel, device, browser and OS your users are using to determine the habits each of your segments exhibit. Filter real-time reports by these attributes to understand the immediate impact of the messaging or marketing campaigns you launch.